Erasmus Mundus

It is a community programme for cooperation and mobility in higher education institutions, and it aims to: i) promote the European Union as a space for excellence in education/training, in a global context; ii) to increase intercultural dialogue, through the cooperation with third countries.

The programme has three actions:

  • Action 1 – Joint Erasmus Mundus Programmes (master's and doctorates) of renowned academic quality (includes a scholarship system).
  • Action 2 – Erasmus Mundus Partnerships between higher education institutions from Europe and third countries, as a basis for structural cooperation for exchange and mobility at all levels of higher education (includes a scholarship system).
  • Action 3 – Promoting the European higher education system by establishing measures capable of turning the European Union into an academic and scientific destination renowned globally.

National Structure / National Contact Point

Direcção Geral do Ensino Superior
Ana Mateus (Coord.)
Leonor Santa Clara (Ponto de Contacto)
Av. Duque D’Ávila, n.º 137
1069-016 Lisboa

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